The Reality Of The Crucifix 

Today I visited a church, the pastor discussed Angels and the different types and forms of them. I believe they exist. Hey even seen a couple before in my life. But, as he talked about the upcoming events since good Friday and Easter Sunday is approaching, the church actually puts on a show to display the happenings in the event of Jesus Crucifix. I’ve been once a few years back and let me tell you it’s intense yet, it makes you aware of the sacrifice Jesus made for you and myself. He goes on to explain about a portion of the torture Jesus went through, then as he got to the nailing of his hands and feet and how he hung on the cross not able to breath yet gaining enough strength to step up on the little block under his nailed feet,  to gasp  a breath of air. I’ve heard the details and seen a few movies showing a bit of the way it happened. But, today my eyes filled with water and tears just filled my eyes. I couldn’t imagine the pain, yet he had all the authority to end it all but yet he gave his self so I can be free from it all! I just felt overwhelmed with emotion and thanks in that moment. 

But I didn’t want it to just remain a moment of emotion but, a life long moment and remembering what I have to do. The death of sins were paid so I can truly live free and nothing can hinder me from eternal victory except my own self. 

Don’t let it turn into a moment, a brief thanks. Make it last in every thing you do. 
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