A Talk With A Friend

A friend and I recently had a very interesting conversation about how hard it is to make it in our city. We talked about the struggle to pay bills and hourly wages. We’ve discussed other options like college, and military to come up with solutions to better our futures. We can understand the Fustration of the young people on our blocks in these poor communities. They are hungry for a better life. What can you tell a young boy about a college education when, all he know is stealing food from grocery stores to feed his family. It amazes me how many stories I hear of 8,9,&10 year olds, taking on the responsibility of feeding their family. Parents are on drugs or selling their body and still can’t afford to maintain. That young boy learns to do other things to help his family survive. I can tell you what we need, better paying jobs, more opportunities to grow in companies, etc. The only question that comes to mind is, will it ever happen?  People see us and think animals, but it’s really just the struggle, the pain, the lack of. Truthfully people have lost hope in better, hearts are cold and people show no remorse for wrong doings. This is not an excuse to continue this treatment but to try to come together and find a solution. One main one, drawing people back to The Father. Teaching them and showing them Faith is key, showing them that your really serious about what you believe in, can help someone else’s Faith. People watch you,  whether you realize it or not.

Try to do more than talk, but get involved.

God Bless.☺

The Struggles Of A Young Black Single Mom

Every young woman is different. Some repeat the same situations, with the same guy or the same type. This young woman is different. This young woman made a decision to fall for a guy who didn’t understand the value in her, and they both created a child. Because of the abuse the first time around she left him. She decided that could parenting is better than staying in an unhealthy relationship and rasing a child in the midst of that. She grew up and did what she had to do. She worked hard, one job but most of the time she worked two jobs to make ends meet. Jobs just wasn’t working because being a woman in some places they won’t move you up to higher positions, it was even worse since she was a black woman. The young woman refused to fall into stereotypes of what she’d become or what her child wouldn’t or would have. The young lady enrolled into college. She worked hard and she’s very smart, but trying to manage a kid and a job and college was a but much. The father wasn’t in the picture at all, yet she didn’t make it an excuse. She realized it was her fault to get involved with someone she didn’t really know like she may have thought. She also know that better choices makes better circumstances in life. She tries her hardest and with the guys she don’t really give the time to, she realizes what’s more valuable than what a pears to be in front of you. She grew up with out parents and she vowed to not do the same with her child, she felt it was important to be different and break generational bondages. She wanted to do that, but as time went on and life kept happening her faith in hope seem to get smaller and smaller. Seeing as there wasn’t much opportunity for a young black mother trying to make something of her self. She tried turning to God for help and just like every other human she has made her mistakes, but what makes her different is her heart. Her perspective,  her struggle her dedication,  her determination. Her wanting to believe that God is really there, her wanting to believe he loves her. There’s something I want to tell her;
Young woman, you are of God, and he’s with you everywhere you go. Sometimes life gets hard but it’s what you make of it. God has a plan for your life and these paths you have went down you can’t blame him for them all. Some are your own fault my child. What could you do to feel better or get off the ground? You can Let Go & Let God truly lead your life and not follow the crowd. You can allow yourself to either fall or rise, but you will fall without God. Some actions aren’t from the enemy but you. Listen to God’s word and don’t let it leave from you.


What Culture?

I get it. I actually get it. So let me explain…
The image of black people are direspctful, unprofessional, unethical, rude, sex, uneducated, victimized, unteachable and animals.
Wow!! Look at why. We are more concerned about money to buy the things that will make us look good instead of investing in a young persons or our own education. Unprofessional? We lack work ethics and make excuses , when we know our choices of wrong doing is a lifelong effect. You can’t expect good to come from bad choices. Rude and disrespectful is how we use our words. There are better ways of expressing yourself than profanity, or being loud. Having no sense of class. Using that same language in front of the ones who fought for our rights to be treated equally, and teaching the younger generation how to display more stupidity. Wow. Keep reading there’s more….
Sex is not what all there is on earth. We have let our young women become sex beings instead of human beings. The guys don’t respect them neither do themselves. Then we have “role model” black rappers, models, singers, actors, and actress display the same things. Dumb decisions, disrespect, sex, and uneducated. Who do they have to look up to?
Then you have those who are the victims. They have a conspiracy which is an educated excuse as to why the black culture can’t get ahead. Instead of looking in the mirror , they turn to blaming others who has no contact with their life what so ever. No doubt politics and government play apart of of living , but not all of.
Being labeled an animal…. We are killing ourselves and aren’t passing down nothing that the next generation can use to better their future. Think it’s bad now? Wait another 10 years or so. The solutions are simple. Undo what’s being done in the negative light. Redefine our culture by putting in the time to change things. Don’t live in ignorance, reach out and learn what you don’t know. You don’t have to have a degree to help bring change or be successful. It just all depends on your meaning of success for yourself.

Peace In Your Troubles

Usually the emotional state of the person who’s going through hell, (it seems like) is very unstable. They are mad, sad, happy, angry, depressed, hopeless, agitated, and frustrated. When you give your situations to God, boy is there a calmness over you. Your whole spirit is just at peace and all you can do is smile. You may ask how? Letting Go and Letting God is knowing the problem is being handled. Its knowing your father is taking care of it so you can keep going on Thanking Him before it happens. Someone told me “when we work God is resting and when we rest God is working”. The message behind that is simple, you can’t ask God for help then continue to do things your way, telling God, okay i got it. No, let him tell you, no i got this, you just do it my way. When you do it his way, you can experience such a joy on the inside even though your in the middle of a tornado storm, volcano explosion, and Tsunami all at the same time. Your emotional state is just fine, and your glowing. People will wonder, how is it that their world is falling apart and yet, their still standing? Its Simple….GOD. God is simple not difficult, when people realize the true God i know they can know that, he is merciful, and has grace. He’s forgiving and never leaves you no matter the mistakes you’ve made.
#GodKnowsBest #HaveFaith