End Of The Road To ForEver  

Don’t take it personal, I loved you. I cared at one point, but the moment you chose her over me, you left my heart on the same road you picked hers up. 

At one point I wanted to know, what about her made you leave? What about her made you cheat? 

I thought giving you mostly all of me was enough, these tears and dreams of you wont subside, and I’m wondering when you handed me the drivers seat, did I steer us wrong?

I trusted you, I let you blind sight me as you took control of what was suppose to be forever. 

When my eyes finally seen where we were, it was a pile of words, with my heart placed on top. 

Memories of you still in my head, I can’t let it go. Like you released voo-doo on my heart, and I can’t get it back. 

Reverse this curse, I can’t let this be the end of my happiness or let my heart lie at the bottom of your boot. 

Do you even realize the footsteps of my blood that poured from my heart trailing you as you walked away?

After all this time I still can’t let another in, the damage from this crash is hard to recover from. 

Something that can’t be fixed by having you but by truly letting you go, all this time I searched for closure but it’s time I end this book without the ending that was expected. 

It was good while it lasted, a tragedy when it ended, as both stories move on in two different directions, there’s always hope it can meet again later on a crossroad.  

Eyes Of Beauty (Beautiful Soul) 


When I look into your eyes, I can see your very soul. The depths of its beauty and the intimacy of your world. 

I can see a galaxy of love and sunshine all around you, it’s what they call a halo, but with you it’s more like a crown of true purpose. 

Made perfectly, made just for me. When I’m around you it isn’t a me or a you, just 2 hearts combining into one, one soul, one life connected by God himself and if I can admit, I say my soulmate. 

Not just the way I feel with you but, what I don’t without you. You complete me, not just have my heart in your hand or pocket, but as if you attached it to your own and created a new heart. 

How can I not have sex with you, and feel like I have, how can I lay next to you and hold you and be satisfied physically? How can your kisses mean more than the words  I love you when you’ve shown me enough, I don’t need them. 

Our spirits intertwined, LoveTogether, I know when I’m with you there’s no place greater. So if I die in your arms I’ve made it to heaven, and if I’m dreaming don’t wake me. 

Life just isn’t worth living, if you can’t live it with me. 

Watched You Sleeping

Staring at your lips, rubbing my hand lightly across your face.

 Whispering how much I love you in your ear. 

Envisioning life with you, the great things we could do together. 

I realized how much I loved you, how much you completed me. 

That no matter what we had faced, we did together. 

Couldn’t imagine life without you, couldn’t wait to tell the story to our kids, how we met and how we grew. 

Even if we drifted apart, I knew I could never love another like I love you. 

My first true love and my best friend. 

A love Without Pressure

I watch a lot of “A Different World”. I really love that show. What stands out most to me is the realness of things that goes on in the “black” world. It’s amazing how even though the show was on in the 90’s, its relevance still contributes to today’s problems and issues. My favorite character is DeWayne Wayne. It may not be shocking that he’s my favorite if you know me. His intellect and values displayed is one I hope to find in my future husband. One of the things I love most about him is his love for Whitley. Both coming from different worlds and marrying into one. His. Through his love he shows her and teaches her and guides her into becoming better and realizing what’s most important. He represents what black men use to represent. Now I won’t say all black men are just horrible, I don’t believe that. I have many friends who shows true integrity in who they are, what they stand for, and what they believe. I value their friendship and their aspects of life.

But I also ask why are those friends of mine are in the friend zone, not potential husband candidates.  Some my choosing and some not. But I love how I can communicate with them about any level or any topic and none have to do with getting into my pants. That I cherish. 

That’s what I want in a man. A love with no pressure. We know what we want, what we want to build, accomplish, give back into, and share to help make and create better for our own. 

A relationship without pressure isn’t one full of true love

But I add, the pressures of true love shouldn’t consist of ungodly pressures. It’s normal to have pressure applied to life so that you can learn what’s needed to know, for you to grow. Some pressures out here these days aren’t healthy for anyone individually non the less a couple. 
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Match This!

Media: Matching couples the new trend for relationship Goals. 


Personally my question would be what else other than matching clothing and sneakers, makes your relationship bold enough to be set as a “goal”. What about true loyalty? Respect? LifeGoals? True Love? God? Growing? Standing Out & Not Blending In? Cheating? Etc. 

Am I wrong for wondering about what your new idea of relationships is based upon? I don’t. Sorry but not sorry.  It’s not a “goal” it’s what I would like to call, for show! Yep. You two dress up, go out, make sure to snap pictures, only to show on Instagram and Facebook to all of the people you DONT know to prove your what?? 

In style or can afford the best? Still none of that is for each of you, it’s for those you are trying to impress that don’t know you. 

If you’d ask me I’d rather myself and my significant other to wear totally different clothing, that’s not trendy and not as expensive but our Goals match, our life matches, our Faith matches, our family values and Morals match. That’s what’s more important. I don’t want a relationship based upon what the social media likes and dislikes. I don’t want just to be cute together, but be true together. The cutest thing I’ve ever seen is my married aunt for over 14 years seen her husband pull up and say, “there’s my baby” with the biggest smile. Myself and other cousins asked ” you still say that? And smile so big?” She goes “yes that’s my baby!”   That’s a true relationship goal to be married for that long yet still have the same feelings you had at the early dating stages. Not just that, they are Christians! True believers, they raised their family together, traveled together, made so many decisions to better their family! With God not Without him.  

The true relationship Goal: 

” I do”

Match my commitment, not my look. 

If it’s truly a goal, it should be something that you reach for that will make you become greater and grow. 


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Can be a very odd place to be in. I know for me I have been in that place for many years. Fighting for attention I did a lot of foolish things to get attention or feel love. The good thing is I learned to not go over board with what I would do to grab attention from an adult or person I had a bond with. I remember growing up and I would play all these tricks on my grandmother, give her wet willies and mess with her hair, talk crazy just so she could cuss me out. I thought it was funny but also at that moment I had her attention. I also remember when my brother would come from Chicago once every few years that I hated when he came and loved it at the same time. I loved it because I had my little brother around I hated it because, they would buy him so much stuff anything he wanted and I didn’t even get half of that and I lived there. I had an attitude from the time he would come til he left back home. Jealously. A child needs attention from their parents so that they won’t go searching for it in other people. It can become so crucial for them because they can try to find it in places that can also take their life away. The importance of really showing love, affection, and attention goes a long way. You want to be taught to pass down these things to the generations so your blood line won’t be lost in what others are caught up in doing. Then I remember when I was a kid going to church with my grandmother the pastor would always say “God is a jealous God”. I thought hmmm That’s something. Out of all of the magnificent things that God is he is also Jeaulous? At that time I couldn’t connect what he meant until I reached more into what jealousy really is and compare it to the word. So…. You shall have no other gods before me (Exodus 23:3)

That says a lot. Him knowing that other gods of the world existed he wanted to established that he shall remain number one. Right? And I thought about this how we pray for God to bless us with different positions out in the work world, or a big house, or whatever. Then after while we forget to keep thanking him for all he’s done. We got too hooked on to the tangible things we forgot he was the one who gave it. Then things start to go wrong and you need another blessing from him (the one you forgot about) when it falls apart, you want a new house or job? I can laugh because I have experience this and I say wow you were a trip. So you can have a fit on your grandmother to show attention to you? All that for attention. Sometimes God will take things to grasp our attention, because we do need him. We get ahead of ourselves thinking ok God I got it from here but thanks like, he’s someone who picked you up off the side of the road and drove you 5 miles to the next gas station. He offers to take you all the way but your like nah just give me this and drop me here, and I’ll get myself to this address because I don’t trust you enough to get me there. Yes wow I know. You, WE say this to him each time we take it upon ourselves to drop his way to go on ours. 

Remember who he is and what he can do. He’s unlimited in resources and finances but don’t just limit him to what you want him to do. Remember him and the good and bad. Give him the attention he deserves too. Talk to him, pray with him, read all about who he is, get personally attached, to where your with him so much it’s like your one. 

A Letter To A Lost Friend 

I tossed and turned all night thinking of you. Our last conversation and how you are going through. Though I was there to listen I wondered what can I do? As I contemplated on words to choose I was left with no words for comfort I was just mute. What’s life without friends to help you through? What’s emptiness when you have gave all of you? I understand your pain though I have been down too. Your eyes crying for a filling and I see right through. The smile the brave posture. Your words saying you know what to do, yet you can’t find the strength to reach to. I know thoughts weigh heavy on you, that why I try to make my self available to you. So you know your not alone, yet when you feel when my shoulder can be your home. I don’t have all the answers, and I don’t know why you feel the way you do. I see your pain and loneliness and you have seen mine too. I hurt when you hurt, I cry when you cry. It’s ashamed after giving so much of yourself when your weak you don’t know where to turn to. But I’m here, ready to wipe every tear. Here to hold you up in the only way I know how, so say these words with me to. Dear God I know your there, my friend is lost in her own world not knowing what to do. So we come to you, we surrender our problems to you. Knowing you can fill any emptiness with your love and comfort too. We ask for a change, we ask for a blessing, we ask because your son died so that we may be whole, change our soul, change our thoughts, change the pain that lies in our hearts. Heal what’s broken and wounded right now God. I believe in you as you believe in me, do what only you can do. Now as we ask these things in you, we yield to your answer. And if God it doesn’t come tonight let the joy you give come in he morning. I won’t rest until you bless me like Jacob did with the Angel, because you promised you won’t but more on me than I can handle. In your son Jesus NAME AMEN. 
So now my friend may you rest in peace knowing God has heard our call, and will meet your need. Everything will work out fine, God is sending your answer through his express mail. Tell the devil he can go back to hell. With his thoughts of discouragement and his ways to attack your mind. He may have won a battle but remember the war is yours!     

-Brianna Whittington 


“Looking Past Me”

God help me see myself the way you see me.

This is something i struggle with.
I can’t see past who i am, and how im not worthy of his love and grace. Lil ole me? Nah. God did you get me mixed up with someone else? He says i have the perfect tools he needs to reach the people who are like me. I again, God? Me? Can’t be. God I’m not Holy, and i make mistakes, i tend to blame others for my wrongs, and i can’t speak to people without being nervous. No God you need someone bold, and Holy, and someone thats totally opposite from me. I can’t be your go to.

I’ve said this so many times. Yet when I’ve learned that God uses the messed up ones and does a major change on the inside, they become what he needed to reach others. See my life has its up and downs, and i thought going to God was going to make it easy. Boy was i wrong. It enhanced my trials because the enemy had a goal to reach. To stop me from committing to Gods word.. to mislead my thoughts and to over take my emotions and make me believe whats not true. He made me delusional in my thinking. Believing whats not real, but i just swore it was. Wow. But God says your the perfect candidate for what i need done Brianna. You can bring what some others can’t. But you have to be willing to let me in and stop worrying about what others think. Stop trying to portray this image of not needing anyone, and that you can make it happen on your own. You can’t. Not without me.
Ok so God how can i let go? How can i really trust you? My word.
Thats it? Your word?
Yes my word is all you need. It has everything you need to trust in me, and get you through whatever you face.

Believe is a word of hope. See my problem was not believing. I would start out good. Just wouldn’t finish. Being able to stand regardless of what comes is endurance. Its what can help you remain in Him.
Life isnt a fairytale, its rough. But its not what you go through, its how you react and deal with it.
Whats your healing process like?
Is it loud and childish? Depression? Giving up?
Your better than that. Your God is bigger than that.
Learn to stand. Believe. Trust. Depend. Live. & Love God.
What do you have to lose if you don’t have anything anyway?
The Message is essential…..
You Have The Messages To The Change Needed In The World Today.