Unmarrying Potential 

From a woman’s view we see you, we know what you can be and a lot of us love what we see in you, though the manifestation of you hasn’t been revealed just yet. 
It’s hard to discuss a future of someone who hasn’t finished high school. Why? Following through isn’t a strong suit. Now some may have encountered a rough life so they may have not be able to finish, but if so go back and get it. It’s not judging but if I see and want a future with u I want to know I can depend on you to follow through on small things that don’t cost money for you to finish. 

He may be good with kids, but he may not be father material. It doesn’t mean he doesn’t like them but that he may not be mature enough to raise children if his mind isn’t prepared for the sacrifice it takes. Selfish people aren’t meant for parenting. 

A Job title doesn’t mean you aren’t worthy but if a person keeps quitting because of people or little excuses that doesn’t really matter, that’s an issue. He can’t sit and grow anywhere if he keeps moving. Eventually or if not already he’ll deal with women the same way. Run when it gets tough or just because a new opportunity comes along. 
He may have a good heart and great personality but it’s more to it when building something with someone. You need stability and dependency. Someone strongminded and a go getter regardless of what life throws. That man can get dinner every night. And I can marry and submit to this man. Someone who knows who he is and don’t need a woman to hold his hand like a mom. But stand beside and let him lead, while you support like a partnership. 

That’s love and that’s a lasting marriage. 

That’s the goal ladies. 

Not marrying into what you see but what he does. 
Actions speak louder than words.  

4 thoughts on “Unmarrying Potential 

  1. I agree that both the man and the woman should be walking in or living in their potential. And when it comes to men, what you see is what you get. I have lots of mail relatives and friends and one thing is for certain, they become more complacent than women. So don’t marry the man for who he could become, but who he is right now. I disagree with the comment about letting him lead while the woman supports… we weren’t created to be servants nor enablers. The great men I see and know respect their spouses as equal partners and leaders. They support each other. The bible says that he who finds a wife/woman finds a good thing – wives are “good” things. But it doesn’t say he who finds a man automatically finds a good thing – that’s because a good man is hard to find.


    1. I didn’t mean as if a woman is less of a man no that’s why I said side by side as a partner. And many men right now may not be who you need for you. We all need growth true. But if your going to become a cop and looking for love are you telling me you would marry a drug lord because of who he is now? Even though he wants to own a legitimate business ? It’s all about perspective singlemomprayers


  2. Lost in my pen
    Once we train our young boys to grow into Real Men, I believe women will have it Easy in getting Husbands. You are true indeed women must marry a man who understands What it means to be a husband not just Any guy around the block, whether you stay in marriage or not it is a lifetime issues that is preferably you get right in the First trial. Real Men Produces Real husband.
    Check out my space let us talk on Real Men

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