A love Without Pressure

I watch a lot of “A Different World”. I really love that show. What stands out most to me is the realness of things that goes on in the “black” world. It’s amazing how even though the show was on in the 90’s, its relevance still contributes to today’s problems and issues. My favorite character is DeWayne Wayne. It may not be shocking that he’s my favorite if you know me. His intellect and values displayed is one I hope to find in my future husband. One of the things I love most about him is his love for Whitley. Both coming from different worlds and marrying into one. His. Through his love he shows her and teaches her and guides her into becoming better and realizing what’s most important. He represents what black men use to represent. Now I won’t say all black men are just horrible, I don’t believe that. I have many friends who shows true integrity in who they are, what they stand for, and what they believe. I value their friendship and their aspects of life.

But I also ask why are those friends of mine are in the friend zone, not potential husband candidates.  Some my choosing and some not. But I love how I can communicate with them about any level or any topic and none have to do with getting into my pants. That I cherish. 

That’s what I want in a man. A love with no pressure. We know what we want, what we want to build, accomplish, give back into, and share to help make and create better for our own. 

A relationship without pressure isn’t one full of true love

But I add, the pressures of true love shouldn’t consist of ungodly pressures. It’s normal to have pressure applied to life so that you can learn what’s needed to know, for you to grow. Some pressures out here these days aren’t healthy for anyone individually non the less a couple. 
#adifferentworld #love #pressure #god #christianity #relationships 

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