Match This!

Media: Matching couples the new trend for relationship Goals. 


Personally my question would be what else other than matching clothing and sneakers, makes your relationship bold enough to be set as a “goal”. What about true loyalty? Respect? LifeGoals? True Love? God? Growing? Standing Out & Not Blending In? Cheating? Etc. 

Am I wrong for wondering about what your new idea of relationships is based upon? I don’t. Sorry but not sorry.  It’s not a “goal” it’s what I would like to call, for show! Yep. You two dress up, go out, make sure to snap pictures, only to show on Instagram and Facebook to all of the people you DONT know to prove your what?? 

In style or can afford the best? Still none of that is for each of you, it’s for those you are trying to impress that don’t know you. 

If you’d ask me I’d rather myself and my significant other to wear totally different clothing, that’s not trendy and not as expensive but our Goals match, our life matches, our Faith matches, our family values and Morals match. That’s what’s more important. I don’t want a relationship based upon what the social media likes and dislikes. I don’t want just to be cute together, but be true together. The cutest thing I’ve ever seen is my married aunt for over 14 years seen her husband pull up and say, “there’s my baby” with the biggest smile. Myself and other cousins asked ” you still say that? And smile so big?” She goes “yes that’s my baby!”   That’s a true relationship goal to be married for that long yet still have the same feelings you had at the early dating stages. Not just that, they are Christians! True believers, they raised their family together, traveled together, made so many decisions to better their family! With God not Without him.  

The true relationship Goal: 

” I do”

Match my commitment, not my look. 

If it’s truly a goal, it should be something that you reach for that will make you become greater and grow. 


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