Can be a very odd place to be in. I know for me I have been in that place for many years. Fighting for attention I did a lot of foolish things to get attention or feel love. The good thing is I learned to not go over board with what I would do to grab attention from an adult or person I had a bond with. I remember growing up and I would play all these tricks on my grandmother, give her wet willies and mess with her hair, talk crazy just so she could cuss me out. I thought it was funny but also at that moment I had her attention. I also remember when my brother would come from Chicago once every few years that I hated when he came and loved it at the same time. I loved it because I had my little brother around I hated it because, they would buy him so much stuff anything he wanted and I didn’t even get half of that and I lived there. I had an attitude from the time he would come til he left back home. Jealously. A child needs attention from their parents so that they won’t go searching for it in other people. It can become so crucial for them because they can try to find it in places that can also take their life away. The importance of really showing love, affection, and attention goes a long way. You want to be taught to pass down these things to the generations so your blood line won’t be lost in what others are caught up in doing. Then I remember when I was a kid going to church with my grandmother the pastor would always say “God is a jealous God”. I thought hmmm That’s something. Out of all of the magnificent things that God is he is also Jeaulous? At that time I couldn’t connect what he meant until I reached more into what jealousy really is and compare it to the word. So…. You shall have no other gods before me (Exodus 23:3)

That says a lot. Him knowing that other gods of the world existed he wanted to established that he shall remain number one. Right? And I thought about this how we pray for God to bless us with different positions out in the work world, or a big house, or whatever. Then after while we forget to keep thanking him for all he’s done. We got too hooked on to the tangible things we forgot he was the one who gave it. Then things start to go wrong and you need another blessing from him (the one you forgot about) when it falls apart, you want a new house or job? I can laugh because I have experience this and I say wow you were a trip. So you can have a fit on your grandmother to show attention to you? All that for attention. Sometimes God will take things to grasp our attention, because we do need him. We get ahead of ourselves thinking ok God I got it from here but thanks like, he’s someone who picked you up off the side of the road and drove you 5 miles to the next gas station. He offers to take you all the way but your like nah just give me this and drop me here, and I’ll get myself to this address because I don’t trust you enough to get me there. Yes wow I know. You, WE say this to him each time we take it upon ourselves to drop his way to go on ours. 

Remember who he is and what he can do. He’s unlimited in resources and finances but don’t just limit him to what you want him to do. Remember him and the good and bad. Give him the attention he deserves too. Talk to him, pray with him, read all about who he is, get personally attached, to where your with him so much it’s like your one. 

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