Mirror Reflecting What Appears Not What’s Within

I thought about the strength I have and a few other women I know. We are what we call the “go to” In our families meaning, we are usually the ones people call to hear their problems. Or solve their problems or play mediator between other grown family members. Sad but true. But the biggest truth behind it all is what we look like naked. Yes! Naked, raw, real, humiliation, just plain naked. 

Now if someone was to ask me to stand in front of a mirror naked, and really  take a look at myself and share what I see. I could pick out about 10 things about my body that I wish I could change. Not one would be what’s on the inside. People identify strong women as tough or mean or responsible because, that’s what we have been in charge of since children. What about the strong women? Why is it that when they are down other people can’t seem to handle their weakness? Why can’t they be weak, and sad, and irresponsible? Because their too strong? I can’t accept that excuse. In fact it is a deep excuse that repeated and sucks at the same time. In the inside they may be dealing with hurt but have to push theirs aside to help other hurt people. That’s selflessness. They may be struggling with knowing who they are and can still tell you, your deserve better. Not because it’s the right thing to say but, because it’s the truth. When helping uplift others you feel better, you think maybe I saved a life or someone from a bad decision. 

I’ve learned that being strong is just who God may have made me to be. Some leaders adapt to that role early so it would be easier later to be the “go to”. Also I’ve learned not to be too strong to not want to show weakness or become insensitive to others situations or my own. Life can be rough and though we need strength more than anything we also need truth. && Truth comes in the rawest form,  Without substitute either it is or it isn’t. 
Look in the mirror, naked or fully clothed but don’t look on the outside. It’s guarded and maybe fabricated to be someone it’s not. Stop picking out flaws on the outside and work on the inside. Everyone is strong, some of our strengths are just better suited in different environments, but it’s up to us all to keep each other strong. No one left behind in needing strength. 
The one who appears to be the strongest, is the one who needs to be lifted. 

#strength #power #love #naked #truth #God #Love 

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