Life in Killwaukee

Its a blessing to make it tomorrow without being murdered. You use to be able to sit on your porch, now it’s taped off in crime scene tape. When things go on, that need to be stopped, people just stop and record it. Like young Black Deaths is some type of performance. It’s normal for 3 people to die in one day. Not many making it to 18, even 15 year olds being locked away. Money is all people see here in these streets, they will steal and kill just to buy material things. Blinded by truth cause of self. Self don’t want to work hard, just take from someone else. Self don’t want to get involved with someone else life, cause self is too busy worried about helping his self. No one lends a helping hand, no one seen who shot that young man. People seem to protest more about wages and brutality against blacks, but no one is fighting against black on black crimes, and our educational lack. We have more drug dealers than preachers on the streets, not trying to give people hope but helping them kill their untapped dream. 

When no one steps up to the plate to witness and help bring change, you mine as well pulled the trigger as well. Too many RIP stats and funerals, they even have coffin stores in the hood, cause murder is so usual. Sad ain’t it? Heartbreaking right? All of the fight within but aiming at the wrong fight. Using people as targets instead of books. 
Crime and no hope to see tomorrow, what has my city come to? 

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