a letter to the young women

Many see children and think, “awwww they’re so cute” yeah they are but stick to babysitting young ladies. The picture of a strong single mother is only show from the outside, but inside it’s a struggle, and I’ll share why…..

When they tell you be careful who you lay with, really listen. It’s not stated to keep you from sex, because it’s just out here these days and times we live in. It’s said so that you can protect your self and your life from being responsible on another level, before your ready. Babysitting your family or friends kids is another thing but raising one on your own is totally different.

Be Selective In Your Mate:
Means truly get to know who your “in love” with. What may seems like the best ever, could turn into the worse decision you’ve ever made. Look at his family and what they are about. If it’s alot of drama, expect more when your carrying his child. Trust me it will get worse! Don’t be fooled by what he says but look at what he does. If he’s even responsible enough to keep his own apartment without any help. Someone who can maintain, and know what it’s like to be responsible.

Waiting til Marriage:
Yeah I know it sounds so ancient, but I wish I would’ve done the same. WAIT til marriage. It’s worth waiting for. If he cant even commit by giving his last name first, then he won’t even commit to a child. In this time they give marriage a bad outlook because of all of the fake reality tv, but marriage is beautiful!  It’s worth fighting for and God bless a union that he himself created!

Single Motherhood Is NOT FUN
There will be sleepless nights. Times when you feel like it’s too much. Times when you want to give up. Times where you have no help. Especially to those who don’t have supportive parents. You won’t be able to buy yourself all the things you want, and go whenever you like to. No! You have someone’s life in your hands. You will work harder than the average person to make ends meet. Heck! Even work two jobs maybe three. Miss out on time with your child trying to balance it all out.  It’s tough. It’s a blessing to be a mother, and a real mother I may add. It really is. I just dont want others to get caught up in what may seem beautiful (and it is) and miss out on the realness of it!

When it all boils down, you can’t get mad at the father of your choosing, you just have allowed yourself to be fooled! Choose wisely! Really think before you act on how you feel or what you think may keep him. There’s more to life young ladies!

Focus on a better future and enjoying life before committing to a role, you can’t begin to understand and take head on.

For my young ladies who’s already going through this, keep your heads up! Trust in God for better, make better choices and don’t repeat the same mistakes. Know what you deserve and don’t settle for what may seem like it’s the best thing ever!

Be real with yourself and stick to your plan. Being a mother is the best, but it’s best when your ready and have a husband to lend a helping hand.

All love and blessings to my readers.
God Bless your life!
It’s only to help, not judge, cause I’m just like you.

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