A Talk With A Friend

A friend and I recently had a very interesting conversation about how hard it is to make it in our city. We talked about the struggle to pay bills and hourly wages. We’ve discussed other options like college, and military to come up with solutions to better our futures. We can understand the Fustration of the young people on our blocks in these poor communities. They are hungry for a better life. What can you tell a young boy about a college education when, all he know is stealing food from grocery stores to feed his family. It amazes me how many stories I hear of 8,9,&10 year olds, taking on the responsibility of feeding their family. Parents are on drugs or selling their body and still can’t afford to maintain. That young boy learns to do other things to help his family survive. I can tell you what we need, better paying jobs, more opportunities to grow in companies, etc. The only question that comes to mind is, will it ever happen?  People see us and think animals, but it’s really just the struggle, the pain, the lack of. Truthfully people have lost hope in better, hearts are cold and people show no remorse for wrong doings. This is not an excuse to continue this treatment but to try to come together and find a solution. One main one, drawing people back to The Father. Teaching them and showing them Faith is key, showing them that your really serious about what you believe in, can help someone else’s Faith. People watch you,  whether you realize it or not.

Try to do more than talk, but get involved.

God Bless.☺

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