The Struggles Of A Young Black Single Mom

Every young woman is different. Some repeat the same situations, with the same guy or the same type. This young woman is different. This young woman made a decision to fall for a guy who didn’t understand the value in her, and they both created a child. Because of the abuse the first time around she left him. She decided that could parenting is better than staying in an unhealthy relationship and rasing a child in the midst of that. She grew up and did what she had to do. She worked hard, one job but most of the time she worked two jobs to make ends meet. Jobs just wasn’t working because being a woman in some places they won’t move you up to higher positions, it was even worse since she was a black woman. The young woman refused to fall into stereotypes of what she’d become or what her child wouldn’t or would have. The young lady enrolled into college. She worked hard and she’s very smart, but trying to manage a kid and a job and college was a but much. The father wasn’t in the picture at all, yet she didn’t make it an excuse. She realized it was her fault to get involved with someone she didn’t really know like she may have thought. She also know that better choices makes better circumstances in life. She tries her hardest and with the guys she don’t really give the time to, she realizes what’s more valuable than what a pears to be in front of you. She grew up with out parents and she vowed to not do the same with her child, she felt it was important to be different and break generational bondages. She wanted to do that, but as time went on and life kept happening her faith in hope seem to get smaller and smaller. Seeing as there wasn’t much opportunity for a young black mother trying to make something of her self. She tried turning to God for help and just like every other human she has made her mistakes, but what makes her different is her heart. Her perspective,  her struggle her dedication,  her determination. Her wanting to believe that God is really there, her wanting to believe he loves her. There’s something I want to tell her;
Young woman, you are of God, and he’s with you everywhere you go. Sometimes life gets hard but it’s what you make of it. God has a plan for your life and these paths you have went down you can’t blame him for them all. Some are your own fault my child. What could you do to feel better or get off the ground? You can Let Go & Let God truly lead your life and not follow the crowd. You can allow yourself to either fall or rise, but you will fall without God. Some actions aren’t from the enemy but you. Listen to God’s word and don’t let it leave from you.


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