What Culture?

I get it. I actually get it. So let me explain…
The image of black people are direspctful, unprofessional, unethical, rude, sex, uneducated, victimized, unteachable and animals.
Wow!! Look at why. We are more concerned about money to buy the things that will make us look good instead of investing in a young persons or our own education. Unprofessional? We lack work ethics and make excuses , when we know our choices of wrong doing is a lifelong effect. You can’t expect good to come from bad choices. Rude and disrespectful is how we use our words. There are better ways of expressing yourself than profanity, or being loud. Having no sense of class. Using that same language in front of the ones who fought for our rights to be treated equally, and teaching the younger generation how to display more stupidity. Wow. Keep reading there’s more….
Sex is not what all there is on earth. We have let our young women become sex beings instead of human beings. The guys don’t respect them neither do themselves. Then we have “role model” black rappers, models, singers, actors, and actress display the same things. Dumb decisions, disrespect, sex, and uneducated. Who do they have to look up to?
Then you have those who are the victims. They have a conspiracy which is an educated excuse as to why the black culture can’t get ahead. Instead of looking in the mirror , they turn to blaming others who has no contact with their life what so ever. No doubt politics and government play apart of of living , but not all of.
Being labeled an animal…. We are killing ourselves and aren’t passing down nothing that the next generation can use to better their future. Think it’s bad now? Wait another 10 years or so. The solutions are simple. Undo what’s being done in the negative light. Redefine our culture by putting in the time to change things. Don’t live in ignorance, reach out and learn what you don’t know. You don’t have to have a degree to help bring change or be successful. It just all depends on your meaning of success for yourself.

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