Peace In Your Troubles

Usually the emotional state of the person who’s going through hell, (it seems like) is very unstable. They are mad, sad, happy, angry, depressed, hopeless, agitated, and frustrated. When you give your situations to God, boy is there a calmness over you. Your whole spirit is just at peace and all you can do is smile. You may ask how? Letting Go and Letting God is knowing the problem is being handled. Its knowing your father is taking care of it so you can keep going on Thanking Him before it happens. Someone told me “when we work God is resting and when we rest God is working”. The message behind that is simple, you can’t ask God for help then continue to do things your way, telling God, okay i got it. No, let him tell you, no i got this, you just do it my way. When you do it his way, you can experience such a joy on the inside even though your in the middle of a tornado storm, volcano explosion, and Tsunami all at the same time. Your emotional state is just fine, and your glowing. People will wonder, how is it that their world is falling apart and yet, their still standing? Its Simple….GOD. God is simple not difficult, when people realize the true God i know they can know that, he is merciful, and has grace. He’s forgiving and never leaves you no matter the mistakes you’ve made.
#GodKnowsBest #HaveFaith

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