Stop Announcing Haters

We know they exist. No need to give them a stage and award ceremony for doing their job. You would hope that everyone wants to see each other progress, but the days we live in are plain selfish! No one will help the elderly carry bags in, and they are afraid to allow it, cause of the fear of being robbed. No one to congratulate and involve the neighbors in sending off a young black child off to college, without the mentality of assuming someone thinks they are better than someone else. Really? That is very ridiculous. When someone assumes another being is acting like they are better than someone, jealousy usually takes in that spot. You wish you had something they have otherwise you’d know that, you are just as important as they are. Bragging about how much money you make? Why? No one cares for one, two what are you doing with it other than blowing it on material things that wont last? Nothing. When people realize the hype of money and material things is irrelevant, it can help save our culture. Everyone wants to be a model or rapper instead of an activist in the communities. So many are displaying the black culture in a negative way, we wonder why we are targeted. Everyone’s talking but what are they saying? No women teaching other young women about respecting themselves, but the will have many tutorials about how to twerk. Wow. Says a lot. The image is about the body except the brains and the heart. Inspiring young people to buy the things they cant afford, but will go broke buying instead of being responsible.  What is there to hate about someone who dropped out, selling drugs, and mis use people? Nothing! Your “fan club” aka haters, that your imagining you have, don’t exist. Your delusional.

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