“Looking Past Me”

God help me see myself the way you see me.

This is something i struggle with.
I can’t see past who i am, and how im not worthy of his love and grace. Lil ole me? Nah. God did you get me mixed up with someone else? He says i have the perfect tools he needs to reach the people who are like me. I again, God? Me? Can’t be. God I’m not Holy, and i make mistakes, i tend to blame others for my wrongs, and i can’t speak to people without being nervous. No God you need someone bold, and Holy, and someone thats totally opposite from me. I can’t be your go to.

I’ve said this so many times. Yet when I’ve learned that God uses the messed up ones and does a major change on the inside, they become what he needed to reach others. See my life has its up and downs, and i thought going to God was going to make it easy. Boy was i wrong. It enhanced my trials because the enemy had a goal to reach. To stop me from committing to Gods word.. to mislead my thoughts and to over take my emotions and make me believe whats not true. He made me delusional in my thinking. Believing whats not real, but i just swore it was. Wow. But God says your the perfect candidate for what i need done Brianna. You can bring what some others can’t. But you have to be willing to let me in and stop worrying about what others think. Stop trying to portray this image of not needing anyone, and that you can make it happen on your own. You can’t. Not without me.
Ok so God how can i let go? How can i really trust you? My word.
Thats it? Your word?
Yes my word is all you need. It has everything you need to trust in me, and get you through whatever you face.

Believe is a word of hope. See my problem was not believing. I would start out good. Just wouldn’t finish. Being able to stand regardless of what comes is endurance. Its what can help you remain in Him.
Life isnt a fairytale, its rough. But its not what you go through, its how you react and deal with it.
Whats your healing process like?
Is it loud and childish? Depression? Giving up?
Your better than that. Your God is bigger than that.
Learn to stand. Believe. Trust. Depend. Live. & Love God.
What do you have to lose if you don’t have anything anyway?
The Message is essential…..
You Have The Messages To The Change Needed In The World Today.

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